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Legal disputes are stressful, whether you're the party filing the lawsuit or the one defending yourself. Your money, business, and reputation are on the line, so you need strong and experienced legal representation to protect you. Thousands of individuals and businesses in Grand Rapids, Kent County, and West Michigan have trusted Plachta, Murphy & Associates with their litigation matters for over a quarter of a century.

We represent individuals and businesses in a broad spectrum of state and federal civil litigation matters, including:

Experienced Litigators Based in Kent County, Michigan

With litigation, as with all legal matters we handle, our focus is on our client’s needs and objectives. Our approach to each case is customized based on what is important to you, including your desired outcome and the goals you wish to achieve. We are dedicated to safeguarding your resources as well as your legal rights. So, our first step is to evaluate whether litigation is the most cost effective option for your situation. In some cases, a trial is likely to incur greater expense and less benefit than mediation or arbitration. Therefore, we carefully explore with you other dispute resolution options.

Once we have determined the appropriate course of action to resolve your dispute, we work steadily and carefully to accomplish your goals. At Plachta, Murphy & Associates we believe that diligent preparation is key to the successful resolution of litigated cases. Our opponents know our reputation for thoroughness, which often leads to a favorable settlement short of trial. When a trial is the only way to achieve your goals, however, you can be confident that our knowledge, experience and meticulous preparation make us ready to aggressively fight for you in court.

Strong Advocacy for Your Michigan Litigation Matter

At Plachta, Murphy & Associates our clients know they can depend on our litigation experience and skill, and that we will protect their interests as fiercely as we would our own. If you are facing any type of civil litigation and seeking counsel with integrity and strength, we invite you to contact Plachta, Murphy & Associates to schedule a consultation with a member of our Litigation team to learn more about our services.

Litigation Team: Miles J. Murphy III, Bryan D. Reeder, Jeffrey M. Black

Business Litigation

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