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You've worked hard for most of your life. Perhaps you've even served our country in the military. You didn't do it in order to receive government benefits, but you are likely entitled to them. As you age, or encounter a disability or other difficulties with your health and ability to work, the expenses of medical bills and long-term care mount up quickly. You may need to collect the benefits to which you're entitled in order to meet your expenses or avoid losing your home or life's savings.

Unfortunately, government benefits involve ever-changing complex laws and regulations. It can be difficult to know exactly what you're entitled to, and to successfully pursue it. The experienced and compassionate government benefits attorneys of Plachta, Murphy & Associates can guide you through the tangle of red tape and bureaucratic maze to get you the help you need.

Our Government Benefits team is committed to helping you and your family access the benefits you deserve with a minimum amount of stress and the confidence that your attorneys are committed to your best interests. We invite you to contact Plachta, Murphy & Associates to schedule a consultation with a member of our Government Benefits team.

Government Benefits Team: Miles J. Murphy III, Brian J. Plachta, Bryan D. Reeder

Protect Your Family, Assets and Public Benefits

Public benefits often have an income threshold or asset tests that individuals must meet in order to qualify for benefits. Some benefits require recipients to demonstrate proof of disability and other qualifications.

Plachta, Murphy & Associates offers assistance with securing and planning for a variety of government benefits, including:

Our Government Benefits team includes Richard J. Cross, a paraprofessional who has over twenty years of Social Security Administration experience, including twelve years working as a claims representative for the SSA. A Vietnam veteran, Richard has also served as a VA eligibility service officer. He puts his years of experience and his knowledge of SSA and VA rules and regulations to work for our clients.

Trusted Advocacy and Compassionate Support for Your Government Benefits Matter

If you believe you qualify for Social Security Retirement or Disability, VA Disability or Aid and Attendance, or other government benefits but don't know where to begin, Plachta, Murphy & Associates can help. If you've already applied for benefits and been turned down (as the majority of disability applicants initially are), you have a very limited time in which to appeal the decision.

Social Security & Disability

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Veterans Disability and Related Benefits

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Unemployment Insurance Benefits

It’s never easy to have to terminate an employee. But sometime it’s a necessary part of doing business, especially if the employee has committed misconduct. Not all employees who are terminated are entitled to unemployment insurance benef… Read More

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