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Being accused of a crime is an unsettling experience: you may not know how to defend yourself or even where to start. The prospect of serving time in jail, and of damage to your life and reputation make being charged with a crime tremendously stressful.

Legally speaking, misdemeanors are “lesser” crimes, considered less serious than felonies. That's little comfort when you're facing the possibility of months, or even up to two years, in jail. You may wish that you could undo the events that led to your current situation. While that's not possible, of course, you can take steps to make things better, starting with hiring attorneys you can trust. Plachta, Murphy & Associates understands your concerns and works to protect your rights and your future.

Our experienced criminal defense attorneys have successfully defended clients on many Michigan misdemeanor charges, including:

Experienced Misdemeanor Defense by Attorneys Who Care About Your Future

There are several steps in the court process with respect to misdemeanor charges. You should have legal counsel with you from the very beginning of criminal procedures. Your Plachta, Murphy & Associates counsel will help guide you through the process and provide a step-by-step explanation of your options and alternatives.

Each level of misdemeanor offenses carries with it a different maximum fine and possible jail time. In determining your sentence, the court will consider the following: your prior criminal record, the risk that you will commit another offense, the nature and circumstances of the current offense, statements made by any victim, among other circumstances. Having an experienced attorney by your side can make a real difference in the outcome of your case.

Our attorneys have over 20 years of experience successfully helping clients navigate the criminal justice system and make sure that a mistake, or mistaken accusation, doesn't derail their future. Our caring, experienced team looks forward to helping you.

Criminal Defense and Administrative Law Team: Miles J. Murphy, III, Bryan D. Reeder, Mary A. Owens

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