Business & Corporate Law

Your business is successful because you know your strengths. You know how to build a team you can trust. Plachta, Murphy & Associates is proud to be the choice of many Michigan businesses for all their legal needs from entity selection and format… Read More

Criminal & Administrative Law

Being charged with a crime can be overwhelming. Being convicted of a crime can affect your employment, your relationships, your reputation, and your freedom. Even if you are able to avoid conviction, the stress of the legal process is tremendous. Pla… Read More

Divorce & Family Law

Family is what matters most to us. When you’re involved in a family law dispute such as a divorce or custody battle, it can feel like your world is turned upside down. Everything you hold dear is at stake. It’s natural to feel a variety o… Read More

Elder Law

Aging presents many challenges, and so does caring for aging loved ones. Just as it “takes a village to raise a child,” it takes a community to provide our seniors with the care they need, and their loved ones with the support they deserve. At Pl… Read More


Employment law governs every aspect of the relationship between an employer and its employees, from the hiring process through the termination of the relationship and sometimes beyond. Employment law also deals with businesses’ compliance with… Read More

Estate Planning

Estate planning is not just for those with extensive assets. Estate planning is essential for parents with minor children, business owners, and anyone who wants to have input into decisions about their health care and finances. In short, all Michigan… Read More

Probate Estate & Trust Administration

Probate, also known as estate administration, is the legal process of validating a will through which the assets of a deceased person are transferred to their beneficiaries and their final debts and expenses paid with court oversight and approval. So… Read More

Government Benefits

You’ve worked hard for most of your life. Perhaps you’ve even served our country in the military. You didn’t do it in order to receive government benefits, but you are likely entitled to them. As you age, or encounter a disability o… Read More

Guardianship & Conservatorship

Few things are more difficult to come to terms with than the reality that a family member is unable to manage their own finances or care for their personal needs. Whether the incapacity is physical or mental in nature, you may need to pursue a guardi… Read More


Legal disputes are stressful, whether you’re the party filing the lawsuit or the one defending yourself. Your money, business, and reputation are on the line, so you need strong and experienced legal representation to protect you. Thousands of… Read More

Real Estate

In the complex area of real estate law, having the guidance of a trusted, experienced attorney is essential, especially in litigated matters or in complicated real estate transactions. Plachta, Murphy & Associates represents individuals, business… Read More

Tax Resolution Specialists

At Plachta, Murphy & Associates, our mission is to help our clients solve problems that could negatively affect their lives, families, businesses, and financial security. Unpaid tax debt, if not dealt with in a timely fashion, is one such threat… Read More

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