Michigan Legislature Abolishes Dower

The Michigan legislature recently passed a package of bills abolishing Michigan dower.  Effective 90 days from the date the bills are signed by the governor, dower will no longer exist in Michigan.  Governor Snyder signed the bills on January 6, 20… Read More
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Categories: Probate, Real Estate

Failure to Change Deceased Insurance Policy Holder Can Void Coverage

In a recent opinion of the Michigan Court of Appeals, the Court held that the failure to change the named insured on a homeowners’ policy voided coverage. In 2002, Robert McGowan, Sr., purchased a homeowners policy on his cottage with himself as t… Read More
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New Exemption Available to Avoid “Uncapping” the Taxable Value of Real Property Upon Sale or Transfers.

In the past three years the legislature has added several additional exemptions allowing real property owners to transfer residential property to qualified family members without having the taxable value of the property uncap and be reassessed based… Read More
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Categories: Real Estate

Pass Down the Family Cottage Correctly

Ah, the family cottage. The image conjures thoughts of relaxing under a shady stand of oaks, splashing in the lake, the distinct smell of a campfire. A cottage is often an individual’s most important asset, if not from a financial standpoint, then… Read More
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