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Brian J. Plachta

Brian J. Plachta has practiced law in Michigan since 1984. As a Grand Rapids native and a shareholder with Plachta, Murphy & Associates, Brian brings a wealth of legal and business experience to the local community. Brian specializes in Business… Read More
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Miles J. Murphy, III

Miles J. Murphy III has practiced law in Michigan since 1986. As a Grand Rapids native and a shareholder with Plachta, Murphy & Associates, Miles specializes in Civil Litigation, Family Law, Social Security & Veteran’s Law, Criminal &am… Read More
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Bryan D. Reeder

Bryan D. Reeder is a Grand Rapids native and shareholder with the firm. Since 2017, Bryan has served as the firm’s managing partner. Bryan’s client service areas include Business & Corporate Law, Estate Planning, Real Estate, and Prob… Read More
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Jeffrey M. Black

Jeffrey M. Black is a Grand Rapids native and a graduate of the University of Michigan. In 2005, Jeff graduated from the University of Richmond School of Law in Richmond, Virginia. Before joining Plachta, Murphy & Associates, Jeff served as a ful… Read More
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Mary A. Owens

Mary A. Owens has been practicing law in Michigan since 1985. Of-Counsel with Plachta, Murphy & Associates, Mary specializes in Civil and Criminal appellate practice, as well as Domestic Relations and Civil Litigation. Education Wayne State Unive… Read More
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Kari N. Thames

Kari N. Thames is an Enrolled Agent (empowered by the U.S. Department of Treasury to represent taxpayers) with Tax Resolution Specialists, a client service of the law firm of Plachta, Murphy & Associates. Kari holds a master’s degree in bus… Read More
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Lisa K. Peterson

Lisa K. Peterson is the legal assistant to Brian J. Plachta, whose client practice areas include Business Law, Corporate and Commercial Law, Real Estate Law, Elder Law, Estate and Trust Administration and Estate Planning & Probate. She is also th… Read More
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Briana K. Wallin

Briana K. Wallin is legal assistant to Miles J. Murphy whose client practice areas include Civil Litigation, Divorce & Family Law, Business & Commercial Law, Social Security and Veterans Law, Administrative Law, and Insurance. She is also the… Read More
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Tracey J. Boerman

Tracey J. Boerman has been working in the field of Accounting since 1985, when she owned and operated an Accounting Business, serving clients mainly in the Grand Rapids area. Tracey has served on an advisory board for a major national client, gaining… Read More
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