Timely Service and Clarity of Information

Over the past decade our companies have utilized the services of Plachta, Murphy & Associates. They have provided a wide range of legal services and guided our companies through many complex transactions. Those services included the formation of several new companies, a complex purchase of an out-of-state business, the buyout of a retiring shareholder, estate planning for shareholders, and a complete review of our employment practices and employee handbook. In addition to these “big event” transactions they provide legal support to our companies for day-to-day legal compliance and consultation with our accounting firm when necessary.

We have been very satisfied with the timely service and clarity of information we receive from the Plachta, Murphy & Associates team.

– Tim Stiles, President, Masterpiece Flower Company, LLC, Henry Mast Greenhouses, Inc., Henry Mast Real Estate, Inc., Masterpiece Transportation, Inc., Peak Transportation, Inc., Whitewater Greenhouse, LLC

I recommend them because of the people behind the name — they are good and honest people.

A lot of larger law firms can make you feel you’re being taken advantage of, but you don’t feel that way with Plachta, Murphy & Associates. I recommend them because of the people behind the name---they are good and honest people.

– Andy Weatherhead , President, Weatherhead & Sons, Inc.

It’s nice to be represented by people of integrity!!

Our 20+ year relationship with Brian Plachta and the law firm, Plachta, Murphy, and Associates has been excellent! From corporate governance to personal estate issues, Brian and his staff have provided efficient advice and legal assistance in a most pleasant manner! It’s nice to be represented by people of integrity!!

– Henry Mast

Down to Earth and Professional

I wanted to commend attorney Brian Plachta for his help with my complicated legal matter. I consulted a different lawyer on recommendation before coming to Brian and that lawyer made me feel very uneasy about my situation. Brian made things very clear for me and I appreciated the time he took in explaining and sometimes re-explaining until I was contentedly "in the know" of what was going on. His legal advice and counseling towards my legal matter made me more comfortable that my situation would be effectively handled.

From my experience with lawyers, Plachta Murphy is different. The staff and attorneys were at my level and made me feel comfortable. That may seem like a small thing, but as a client who would rather not be dealing with a lawyer in the first place it really is a huge deal. Any attorney’s office can offer legal advice; the difference is how you folks do it.

I look forward to working with you in the future, and will always mention my positive experience given the opportunity.

– Greg, President, DDS Integration (★★★★★ 5 Star Review)

A Wonderful Attorney

Plachta, Murphy & Associates has been my legal counsel in personal and business matters. Brian Plachta walked me through the process to incorporate my small business and assisted our condo association in acquiring land for green-space.

While I have always been impressed with Brian Plachta's legal services from a business perspective, it was my meeting with him about Elder Care Law and Estate Planning that made me fully aware of why I call Attorney Plachta. While dealing with my mother’s dementia was overwhelming, Brian’s patience in explaining the financial implications of my mother's dementia and his compassion while we discussed the sensitive matter of taking over my family’s decision making was wonderful. In addition to helping me care for my parents, Brian helped me create a Will that protected my assets and my children’s best interests.

I trust Brian to help me make sure my children and parents receive the very best care, my LLC is legally sound, and my neighborhood business is in order and you can too!

– Shari Ciganik (★★★★★ 5 Star Review)

Excellent, Courteous, Knowledgeable, and Professional

My family was having a hard time with decisions coming up with my aging father. There were so many questions and I had no clue where to start. My friend recommended an attorney that she had used before and I gave him a call. They were extremely courteous, friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. They discovered that my father was eligible for monthly payments through his military service to help with his cost of living expenses. It was money desperately needed. I would recommend Brian, or anyone at Plachta, Murphy law firm, to represent them.

– An Elder Law Client

Up Front and Honest

I appreciate very much all of the help and most importantly the honesty with my legal matter involving a vehicle warranty dispute with Chrysler. I’ve had to deal with many attorneys in the past in different issues and have not encountered one quite as up front and honest as Bryan Reeder. I have and will continue to recommend him and this law firm to many others in the future. Again, thank you!

– Tim Rosenberg, Owner, Gibby’s Transport, LLC, Hastings, MI

Professional, Character, Integrity, Caring, Compassionate, Competent ...

Here's some of the key words and descriptors in referring to our relationship with Miles Murphy and PMA: professional, character, integrity, caring, compassionate, competent, military/vet expertise, social security specialist, friendly, helpful service and kindness with a smile by all...all these giving us trust, confidence, and comfort in our relationship. My family and I appreciate PM&A, and Miles Murphy's representation of our legal needs.

– Jim Fraher

My life changed two years ago when I walked into the PMA office.

My life changed two years ago when I walked into the PMA office to clean up my will and trust paperwork, boiler plate stuff. Subsequently, a brief conversation concerning my eligibility for a VA disability took us on a several month arduous journey with the VA. In the end it was well worth all labors in that PMA got me a 90% disability award. Never in my wildest imagination did I ever think it was possible. PMA understood the VA Disability process and how to submit (and re-submit) to get to this end. I recommend them to all my veteran brothers and sisters for VA Disability consultation. Additionally, they resolved an inaccurate spurious and expensive MI unemployment judgment against me by their sheer will and perseverance. My fine was dropped and the state apologized. I have also sought them out for legal counsel on other professional matters, I get good quick answers, often pro bono.

Knowing I have them in as my legal counsel has relieved me of many worries and I have benefited in many ways, specifically with my disability compensation determination.

– Mark Northrup, Mayor, City of Hudsonville, MI

The integrity of their firm is absolutely beyond reproach.

We have worked with Plachta, Murphy & Associates for twenty years. They have helped us to handle not only our own personal affairs, but those of our Grandparents, our Parents, our Children and our Siblings. They have always taken care of all our needs in a professional, timely manner. Whatever questions and requirements we or our family have had, whether here in Michigan or out of state, they have taken care of everything. Their advice has always been accurate, complete and proven to be very beneficial. Plachta, Murphy takes their responsibility to provide honest, lawful advice, very seriously. The integrity of their firm and the advice they provide, is absolutely beyond reproach.

– Douglas & Patricia L.

Friendly, Knowledgeable, Accessible, and Swift Approach to All Things Legal

Like many people, our family and business was effected strongly by the '08 downturn in housing; it wasn't the best time to own a small construction company. Determined to move forward and learn from our mistakes, our first priority was to hire a great attorney to help us structure the business correctly in order to grow confidently with a solid foundation. We can honestly say that Attorney Bryan Reeder and the PMA team with him, are a cornerstone in our new foundation. Knowing that they are there with their friendly, knowledgeable, accessible, and swift approach to all things legal, gives us a comfort that is not easily described. We have consulted with Attorney Bryan Reeder on a number of issues and been guided to solutions and direction that has allowed us to operate more efficiently and confidently. It should also be noted, that every time we have reached out to PMA, we were never put on hold, or told to call back at another time, or experienced any delay in a response. PMA and especially Attorney Bryan Reeder have always made us feel like we are an important priority. We cannot thank him and PMA enough.

– Nina and Gabe Schillman, President and Vice President of PRCG, Inc.

I was treated very professionally and their work was thorough and timely. Will certainly use again.

I have worked with Plachta, Murphy & Associates several times now and all were positive experiences.

I was treated very professionally and their work was thorough and timely. Will certainly use again.

– Michael Novy, Owner/Member, Mobrik LLC

If there is a gold award for helping veteran entrepreneurs, Plachta, Murphy & Associates, P.C. should be in the running.

Thank you for the recent VetBizCentral Plachta, Murphy & Associates webinar. They were most helpful answering all my legal small business questions during my one hour private conversation with them. Please let everyone at VetBizCentral know that this it the type of help that veteran entrepreneurs need.

Veteran entrepreneurs don't need help writing resumes or going to job fairs which are useless as all they do is say "go online and fill out an application." We are trying to launch a business and now that mine has failed, for the time being, feel free to refer any veteran to me and I will help them all I can. The small business world is a minefield and other veteran entrepreneurs do not need to make the same mistakes I have made, and/or lose the many tens of thousands of dollars that I have.

I have sought help, financing, and advice from many government and veteran organizations trying to launch my small business but everyone has a hand out and no one has had a hand up, or good advice until now. Plachta, Murphy & Associates gave me a hand up and I think VetBizCentral should recognize them for that. If there is a gold award for helping veteran entrepreneurs, Plachta, Murphy & Associates should be in the running.

– Kirk Ellis, President and CEO, ThatCyberSecurityGuy LLC

Project Was Handled Quickly and Professionally

Bryan Reeder prepared a demand letter on my behalf to a company regarding reimbursement for money damages due to their failure to provide quality roofing services. The entire project was handled quickly and professionally. Since I expected no response from the company in question, the response I did receive was a pleasant surprise! I was able to obtain a refund of some of the money I requested. Thanks again for your help! I will use your firm and Bryan Reeder for any legal services I need in the future.

– Henry Prince, Holland, MI (★★★★★ 5 Star Review)

Nothing Short of "Awesome"

I was referred to Plachta, Murphy & Associates to handle the sale of my business, where I was introduced to attorneys Miles Murphy and Bert Irwin. After months of tense negotiations between the parties, I can confidently say that Miles and Bert are nothing short of "awesome."

Miles and Bert put in many hours of hard work into my case, including the business valuation and superb financial analysis they presented at mediation (which led to settling the case). More importantly, they were courteous of my emotions throughout the entire process, and always had my back when I needed them most. Their combination of technique works perfectly.

The office staff is polite, parking is close, and the rates are decent. I would highly recommend this Firm. Thanks guys!

– Sue S.

Remarkable. Exceptional. Professional.

Bert Irwin connected me with Jeff Black, a remarkable young professional. Jeff updated my estate plan, making my family safe for the ultimate future. Jeff is exceptional, an overachiever. I am giving his business card to all my senior friends. Thank you Bert and Jeff for a job well done.

– Daniel K. Olson

Honest and Aggressive. No "Nickel and Diming."

I spoke with Bryan Reeder and Bert Irwin regarding problems with a contractor. Bert took the case and handled everything great. He was open and honest about what we could expect, and, much to our amazement, did not tolerate the opposition's bullying. We would be happy to recommend Bert and the entire firm. We felt he was fair in his charges and we appreciated him not "nickel and diming" us like some lawyers like to do.

– Bonnie Healey

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